Waedenswil - a town on Lake Zurich
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Outlook overWaedenswil and Lake Zurich 

Panorama of Lake Zurich from Wädenswil

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Waedenswil, is at the western side of the Lake Zurich and is an attractive town with approximately 20,000 inhabitants. Zurich Lake extends over 40Km south-eastward of the canton capital and is a great attraction. Further advantages of the town consists nearby national convalescent centres It is also near to recreation areas of national importance. It follows that Waedenswil is both a beautiful place where to live and visit. For those Waedenswil is a satisfying shopping town. Co-Op and Migros offer large Supermarkets, and there are many small shops where gifts and souvenirs are to be found.

Waedenswil town centre
Waedenswils culture life

Although Zurich is close and there is a good transportation network, so that one can easily get there there, Waedenswil has its own lively identity. Waedenswil is not a sleep municipality. The town could favourably with other municipalities of the region compared to become. The Ticino Theatre "is an institution for culture of supraregional importance", where one could enjoy something on the stage both innovative and of high quality. In the Lock Cinéma the, newest Hollywood productions are to be seen.. The traditional cultures lives continues. The annual high points are the Chibli and the 'Fasnacht'. Whoever looks for a night life can find a whole number of the clubs and bar.

Zurich lake (Waedenswil)
Leisure-time facilities
Sportsmen can play whatever they choose. The offer of sports contain those golf, the Vita Parcours, the indoor swimming pool and numerous tennis sourts. For the leisure facility Untermosen in Waedenswil makes course offers available, in which either young people or the adult can participate. In Waedenswil the clubs and societies enjoy a high value: Over 200 make whatever leisure activity you chooes availabl, e.g. either 'Guggenmusik' or football or music. There are those which suit individual pursuitl. The Au peninsula , "the gem" at the Zurich lake, forms an object of interest by its beauty. Because of proximity to the lake many people go walking there, and cultural meetings are regularly take place. One could make and enjoy a trip in the Waedenswiler mountain. Further the Horgen mountain is not far, where one can do that and enjoy the scenery in the park plant.

View on Horgen mountain

The visitors, who would like to make longer trip , has a wide choice. One go by train every half hour to Einsiedeln , in order to look at you town and the monastery. Large cities in the proximity are Zurich as well as Lucerne. Or one can drive to the Alps.

Waedenswil as location of important institutions
Waedenswils has many important institutions situated nearby. One can name-
The Swiss research institute Waedenswil (FAW ) is concerned with research, development and consultation over fruit and field vegetable growing
The Miltary Academy at the ETH Zurich is in the Au peninsula, offers officer instruction.
The High School in Waedenswil offers variuous separate studies, of them to most important biology and foodltechnology, Horticulture as well as ecology -and Facility management

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