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la Corbière St Ouen

St Ouen

The parish of St Ouen stretches up much of the northern part of Jersey's west coast, and it is the location for a variety of tourist attractions. Among these are the Channel Islands Military Museum, with nearby the Jersey Woollen Mills, both between the (unusually straight) 'Five Mile Road' and the sea and the beach. Across this road lies Jersey Pearl.
Near these attractions is an area known as 'l'Etacq', and is a 'vivier' for the local fishermen's catch
To the north lie the cliffs of the north coast, with an outstanding outcrop, a rock known as Grosnez ('big nose')
St Ouen lies at the northern end of a bay of the same name. It should be noted that the seas can be quite dangerous here with strong rip-tides. The flip side is that it can be used for surfing
The bay is a designated conservation area, in reaction to having been used as a dumping-ground in the 1960s.

German bunker (now housing the Channel Islands War Museum)
The west coast of Jersey by St Ouen (see the rock outcrop of Grosnez)